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Catalina Geo Anti-Melanin Smoothing Cream

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Catalina Geo Anti-Melanin Smoothing Cream

Beauty Korea Dubai gave me a sample of this and loved it so I bought a massive bottle of it.

It has a gel-like texture and a little bit scented but I love how it smells.

Light weight on the face and not greasy at all even you sweat too much; I defo recommend it to all the girls who is living in a place with a sultry weather as it always leaves your skin fresh.

My skin easily absorbs it so even I have to put make up, it never became a hindrance as again it’s not greasy at all and my make up sets easily.

It has a whitening effect and as for me my skin got brighter when I started using this.


Btw, I have a very dry skin in the morning so I use this with Nature Republic’s Super Aqua Max mousturizer. I don’t wanna take a risk yet but will update this review once I tried it without NR’s moisturizer.


I used it without my NR’s Moisturizer and it’s still enough for my skin. I mean even I put my make-up on, it did not made my skin dry and chapped initially but as day goes by, it isn’t enough. My face really needs an extensive moisturizing.

I also introduced this to my brother who has a massive pimples and dryness on his face and it worked amazingly and improvements were seen just after 2 days. Just a heads up, my brother did not use any cream aside from this.






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