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MY KARADIUM COLLECTION by j&d leeAugust 28, 2017


One day, I was so bored so I started browsing different Korean Online Shops on the web and found this Karadium brand and it really has good reviews so I got curious and searched where can I buy this in the UAE.
I found these stuff in Beauty Korea-Dubai. Initially, I bought Karadium Real Cushion in Natural Beige, Karadium Skin Perfection Concealer and Karadium Browcara in Light Brown online. It was very timely as my cushion, concealer and browcara were also finished at that time.
On my visit in Beauty Korea-Dubai store, I bought Karadium Cream Cheek Stick in Warm Coral and Karadium One Stroke Brush Liner.

Karadium Real Cushion in Natural Beige

I’m liking this so much lately. It “wows” me every time I try to experiment how will I use it as my skin can be very unpredictable and the proper way I figured out is after all your daily regimens, rest your face and after a few minutes spray some Moist Mist Toner, I am using True Relief by Etude House and wow, it really looks good.
It achieved the look that I want. Looking smooth and dewy. Very koreanish and loving it. Btw my skin is dry that’s why I really have to do intensive moisturizing each day. I use Nature Republic Aqua – Super Aqua Max Combination Watery Cream and Catalina Geo Anti-Melanin Smoothing Cream.
I am also amazed how I just press the cushion for a little amount but gives me good results. It is nice to use as it doesn’t waste any liquid from your cushion. I also like the sponge-like pad that comes with it, it is very smooth and do not absorbs all the liquid in your cushion so it is very convenient to use.

Karadium Skin Perfection Concealer

This Karadium concealer blends very well with the Karadium cushion I have. It covers my eye bags and I also use this on the sides of my eyebrows for a cleaner effect.

I just apply it once in the morning in a small amount and it lasts till the end of the day. Again, I am not a Pro and I only speak based on how I do my make up everyday.

I always aim for a natural look as the weather right now is really awful and I don’t wanna be a monster at the end of the day.

Karadium Browcara in Light Brown

I am very satisfied with this Karadium eyebrow mascara that I got.

I wore it all day, no retouches, but when I got home, still looks amazing. I am not a Pro when it comes to applying make ups so I think this is a good option for girls out there who isn’t a Pro too like me.

You will not need eyebrow pencils anymore if you use this as it fully covers your eyebrows and gives a clean look.

Karadium Cream Cheek Stick in Warm Coral


Karadium’s Cream Cheek Stick blends well on my skin which I really love. I am using it in Warm Coral and I like the rosy effect on my cheeks.

It is very light on the skin and compared to my Tony Moly Crystal Blusher in Pleasure Peach, I like this more as it doesn’t make my skin dry; though TM’s crystal blusher is also nice but when you look at it closely on the skin, it looks chapped and cakey.

When I use Karadium’s, it is smooth and dewy which achieves the natural look that I am always aiming for. I also like how there’s a brush on the other end. TM’s got their separate brush so always have to look for it which is so inconvenient when you are in a rush.

This is a perfect blush for girls who are always on the go like me! I am really liking Karadium products as it’s really light on the skin.





Karadium One Stroke Brush Line


I am not really fond of putting something on my eyelids as I always tend to rub it unconciously but since I have to do my own make up in our Pyebaek (Korean Traditional Wedding) on Dec, I have to know how to do this thing right, though I used to do this but I always give up as it’s so hard for me. I tend to have bad hand tremors when I am conciously trying to focus on something. Boo!

Karadium’s One Stroke Brush Liner is a good tool to start off with my mission~ btw, I also tried different eyeliners before but this thing from Karadium makes my life a bit easier.

When you try to put it, the brush don’t expand and it’s legitimately one stroke brush. It is so easy to use so it’s perfect for girls who wants to start learning how to put this on your eyes.

Downside is, I don’t like how it easily dries up when it wasn’t even exposed for a long time. When it dries up, it’s like a marker that doesn’t have ink anymore and you need to do a lot of shaking for it to be back to its normal state. But application wise, it’s good for me.


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