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  • Hwajin Aurora Cushion Foundation 1 + 1 Brightening, long-lasting and full coverage premium-class cushion w/refill
  • Isiloe premium Tone Up Cream Super quick Whitening and Anti-wrinkle Effect
  • Full Moon Lip Tint Super Long lasting Long lasting with tattoo effect, smudge free and waterproof / KOREA
  • Semi Smokey Make up Tutorial by Beauty Korea Dramatic semi-smokey makeup tutorial
  • Lap Therapy Ampoule Face Mask Skin Care Facial Mask
  • JeuDemeure AC Control Set Calming troubled skin and acne-related skin
  • Flat Eyebrow Pencil Karadium
  • Aurora Cushion Foundation 1+1 Hwajin
  • Full Moon Lip Tint Long-lasting Tattoo Effect
  • Karadium Melting Foundation Stick CC serum essence and BB
  • VOV Collection Eyes Eyeshadow Palette Pearl shining 12 colors palette
  • Pore inside Cleansing Brush Deep cleansing for face and pore-inside clean wash
  • Skin Perfection Concealer Skin defect detail cover/ Karadium / KOREA
  • Hwajin Aurora Cushion Foundation 1+1 1+1 with FREE refill
  • A Star Essence & Jelly Cream HWAJIN Cosmetics / KOREA
  • Karadium Water Proof Eyeliner Pencil Black Karadium
  • Karadium One Stroke Pen Eyeliner Perfect fitting line Pen-type Eyeliner / KARADIUM / KOREA
  • Professional Makeup Brush SET Shadow Brush #1,2, Multi Blending Brush, Shading Brush, Multi Brow Brush
  • Karadium The White Cream Tone up Super Whitening Effect Whitening tone up and anti-wrinkle for your facial skin
  • Cre8skin Hydrogel Face Mask _ Skin Care Feel the tight Moisture (Cucumber / Pomegranate)
  • Melting Foundation Stick Anti-wrinkle BB plus CC essence foundation stick
  • EUNICE Daily routine Makeup Tutorial Eunice's Beauty Journey series1
  • Hwajin A star Essence and Jelly Cream K-Beauty Expo / Hwajin /KOREA
  • PORE REMODELING MASK Removing blackheads and Pore Tightening effects
  • EUNICE Daily routine Makeup Tutorial Eunice's Beauty Journey series1