[Super Sale] CHA-SKIN Snail Wrinkle Care Eye Cream, 40g (anti-aging, dark cirles)

[Super Sale] CHA-SKIN Snail Wrinkle Care Eye Cream, 40g (anti-aging, dark cirles)

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It brightens the skin around the eyes and prevents the appearance of facial wrinkles, making it supple and elastic, and also stimulates cell renewal.

Snail mucin protects the skin from damage by ultraviolet radiation and slows down aging due to the presence of antioxidants, reduces the depth and severity of facial wrinkles, smoothes the skin texture, accelerates the healing of damaged tissues, restores skin elasticity and elasticity.

Cha Skin Snail Wrinkle Care Eye Cream anti-aging eye cream with snail mucin brightens dark circles and reduces pigmentation around the eyes and expression lines, prevents them from appearing, relieves swelling, moisturizes and protects the skin from moisture loss.

Snail extract nourishes the skin, erases wrinkles, eliminates dark pigmentation, and also has a lifting effect.

The course of the use of this product will improve the condition of the aging skin of the eye contour and obviously reduce the severity of age-related signs.

Use: Apply the product on the skin of the eyelids in a small amount with light patting finger movements.


Volume: 40 ml