Good Manner kf94 Mask - PINK, 1pc (5pcs mask)
Good Manner kf94 Mask - PINK, 1pc (5pcs mask)
Good Manner kf94 Mask - PINK, 1pc (5pcs mask)
Good Manner kf94 Mask - PINK, 1pc (5pcs mask)

Good Manner kf94 Mask - PINK, 1pc (5pcs mask)

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Good Manner KF94 Mask PINK with FDA and CE Approval 100pcs (5pcs in 1pack)

UV Protection, Comfortable fit. Convenient and hygienic. Protects the respiratory system from particulate harmful substances and infection, such as yellow dust, Bacteria and Virus.

4-ply Structure, 3-tier foldable, High-adhesion nose clip, Harmful substance protection.

1. A 4-Ply structured filter using a highly efficiently static electricity filter.
2. A Hypoallergenic mask of a high-quality fabric with soft touch.
3. 3-tier foldable, 3D dimensional structure.
4. With a functional nose support, excellent adhesion.
5. High elasticity ear band.

NANO-LEVEL FILTER THREAD – Our product uses Nano-Level Thread for easy breathing and better protection from fine dust.
GREAT SAFETY – 4-Layer Protection with the high quality MB filer: Advanced electret filters using a quadruple filtration system and innovative MeltBrown techniques to block up to very small particles.

Filter Blocks more than 94% of the average particle size of 0.4 microns.
COMFORTABLE ERGONOMIC DESIGN – Aqua-Trans Technique: With a high moisturizing transferability technique. It absorbs moisture quickly, boasting a fresh fit even if worn for all day and prevents misting even when wearing glasses. Trifolding Stereoscopic Design: Our mask covers not only the respiratory system but also the lower jaw and maintains cleanliness as foundation, lipstick, etc. are less smeared to the mask.

KOREA FDA KF94 Certification
US FDA Approval
ISO 9001 Certification of Quality Management System
100% Korean Material Use
Individual Packaging for hygiene

The packaging is also printed with the words for external medical use (의약외품), which is approved by the Korean government for medical professionals.

The ergonomic 3D structure, which adheres closely to the face line, minimizes the area that touches the face, making it more hygienic and helps keep it in shape for longer periods of use.

1. KFDA Certified
2. Quadruple structure filter
3. Korean Filters + Korean Fabric + Korean Subsidiary materials
4. Foggy prevention
5. Comfortable and flexible earbands
6. 3D particle design

Is this 4 layers face mask?
-Yes! All our KF94 masks have 4 layers of materials ( 4 ply)
What is KF?
-KF is an acronym of Korea Filter :  This measure represents filtration efficiency, which means how good the mask is at filtering out particles. In this case, that is 94%.
-Are those masks reusable(washable)?
Yes they are Reusable when not dirty and not damaged but NOT Washable

How to wear?
1. Place the mask on your face so that it covers your nose and chin, and hang the straps over your ears to fix the position.
2. Use the fingers of both hands to press the nose clip so that it has close contact with the nose.
3. Wrap the entire mask with both hands and adjust it so that it adheres to the face while checking for air leakage.

Country of Origin: Republic of Korea
Product Size : 21cm x 8cm (Adult type)
Testing Report: Yes, made by Korean Mask Laboratory (KML)