[1+1] SKINARI Lip & Eye Remover 1pc, 140ml

[1+1] SKINARI Lip & Eye Remover 1pc, 140ml

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A gentle, dual-phase makeup remover that immediately dissolves waterproof and long-wearing eye makeup and lipstick. Leaves skin feeling fresh and smooth without any oily sensation.Removes all makeup with ease, including waterproof mascara.

Skin care Routine:
Make-up remover > Oil Cleanser > Foam/cream Cleanser> Toner > Essence > Emulsion > Ampoule/Serum > Sheet Mask > Eye Cream > Moisturizer / Sleeping Pack > Sunscreen(morning only)


  1. Lightly shake bottle & saturate cotton.
  2. Apply to closed lips & eyes.
  3. Sweep cotton over eyes.