The Saem Calamansi Pore Tightener, 40ml

The Saem Calamansi Pore Tightener, 40ml

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A pore tightening essence that gives a powerful cooling effect.
It intensively treats troublesome areas where excessive pores and sebum are secreted from the super oily skin.
It cleanses unwanted sebum and pore waste by cleansing with Calamansi extract rich in Vitamin C and Cinefurin.
Contains tea tree oil with fresh lemon fragrance to effectively sooth dull skin areas.
Calamansi Extract,Orange Blossom Extract,Lemon Balm Extract,Quince Extract,Enantia Chlorantha Bark Extract

Skin care Routine:
Oil Cleanser > Foam/Cream Cleanser > Exfoliate(1-2 times a week) > Toner > Essence > Emulsion > Ampoule/Serum > Sheet Mask > Eye Cream > Moisturizer / Sleeping Pack > Sunscreen(morning only)

After cleansing, apply onto targeted skincare concerns using cotton swabs or cotton pads.