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-Moisture filling mist that restores the original skin with rich nutrition containing 100,000ppm of human adipose stromal cell culture liquid liposomes and quickly fills the moisture gap anytime, anywhere.
[IBIZA SPA] Triple Multi-Vitamins Elasticity Solution Ampoule Serum 30ml
-Triple Multi-Vitamins Elasticity Solution Ampoule Serum - 30ml. Vitamin ingredients are absorbed into the skin, helping to skin bright and cover the traces of the years. with complex aging care such as clear skin and elasticity enhancement.

    This serum instantly transforms your skin, making it soft and velvety after the first application. In addition, it perfectly evens out the complexion and helps to cope with signs of fatigue. The delicate aroma gives pleasure, while plant extracts and natural oils carefully care for your skin, visibly improving its quality and erasing imperfections.


    [LEBELAGE] Wrinkle Collagen Ampoule Cream 70ml, 1pc

    -An easy-to-absorb cream that penetrates the inner layers of the skin to treat wrinkles and lines, stimulates the production of protein fibers and renews skin cells. It also provides long-term hydration and increases the elasticity of the facial skin. Complex of plant extracts. Provides the skin with vitamins and refreshes the skin and makes it soft and supple.

    It contains Centella extract which is known in cosmetics to prevent premature aging. This substance is considered a powerful skin protection agent. Affects the stimulation of collagen, increasing the effectiveness of this process by 30% in the deeper layers of the skin. After applying cosmetics with Centella extract, the skin becomes tight and elastic.


    SJM Medical Anti-UV Perfect Sunscreen spf50 pa++++ (Strong waterproof sunblock)

    SJM Medical Anti UV Perfect SunScreen sunscreen is a line of sun protection products from the cosmetic brand Dr.SkinCare - Korea. Products using exclusive technology provide perfect sun protection without causing sticky. SJM Medical Anti UV Perfect SunScreen prevents UV rays optimally, water-film essence form is transparent, so when used on skin is extremely transient with moist smooth skin like silk.



    Skin Care Routine:
    Oil Cleanser > Foam / cream cleanser > Toner > Essence > Emulsion > Ampoule / Serum > Sheet Mask > Eye cream > Moisturizer/Sleeping Pack > Sunscreen (morning only)

    - Get enough amount of the item and gently spread on the face outwards. Gently dab your hands against your skin for better absorption.