Protects our skin with sunscreen

Did you know many Korean adults say that using sunscreen is their secret to be looking young?

Sunscreen is the most important step in our skincare routine. Sunscreens protect us from harmful UV rays.  Wearing sunscreen can keep us looking younger and save our life.  Sunscreen can be applied just like a moisturizer giving you protection and keeping your skin healthy.

SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor; it is a measure of how much UV light it can filter. We must practice applying enough sunscreen to any exposed area of the skin every day. On days when you'll be outside for an extended period, we suggest putting a base coat of SPF 50 on your face a half hour before leaving the house and then reapplying every two hours.

 Discover your ideal Korean Sunscreen:


When you check these products you will notice the PA grade on them. There are currently four grades in the PA system: PA+, PA++, PA+++, PA++++. The more plus signs a product has, the more UVA protection it offers. Korean sunscreens often include this in their packaging.

Always be careful to avoid contact with your eyes. If ever the sunscreen gets in the eyes, rinse through with water.



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