Snail Power: Premium Skincare Ingredient from Mother Nature's Garden

It has been circulating all over the world of Beauty about the fascinating and wonderful effects of Snail Mucin.

What is Snail Mucin?

COSRX Advanced Snail 92 All in One Cream

COSRX Advanced Snail 92 All in One Cream

Snail mucin, some even call it snail secretion filtrate, is the fancy name of snail mucus. It is the slime that snails produce in their wake.

It may be weird and gross finding out you can put snail mucus on your skin, how much more your face. But, creepy feels aside, even science has found that there is something from snail mucin that can truly benefit the quality of your skin.

The Benefits of Snail Mucin

SomebyMi Snail Truecica Repair Serum

SomebyMi Snail Truecica Repair Serum

Glycolic Acid

Glycolic Acid is one of the key ingredients when you want to rejuvenate and moisturize your skin. It is very safe for daily use and can also be applied to sensitive skin.

It also helps keep skin moist by forming a barrier to reduce excessive moisture loss during the day.

Hyaluronic Acid

Like Glycolic Acid, these acids can be very scary to hear but in actuality, they are the essential ingredients in keeping the skin soft, smooth, healthy and young-looking.

So for those who are not familiar with Hyaluronic Acid, it is the epitome of moisture and hydration. If you have dehydrated, course and dull skin, then look for products with Hyaluronic Acid as the solution to having moisturized and hydrated skin.

Skin Repair and Healing

Snail slime is found to have skin repair effect. They also have the ability to improve the production of collagen in the body which makes skin healing faster.

It also contains essential peptides that help calm and soothe the skin from irritation, redness, and dryness from the environment.

Antioxidants and Anti-aging

Snail mucus also has antioxidants that make it easier for the skin to retain its youthfulness. So if your skin is suffering from wrinkles and fine lines that can make your skin look old and brittle.

But with the help from snail essence’s components, you can get the younger skin that you are looking for.

Hail the Snail!

Coreana Orthia Gold Ginseng Premium Snail Cream

Coreana Orthia Gold Ginseng Premium Snail Cream

As history recalls, snails are used by our Roman ancestors in their skincare regimen. They let the snails roam all over their faces in order to apply the slime. There are also snail spas existing all around the world copying the same practice.

Additionally, most well-known companies that are producing skincare products with snail essence are cruelty-free. So if you are worried about how the snails fare for the sake of your skincare routine, worry not for they are in good hands.

And lastly, don’t try having your own snail spa or snail essence from snails in your backyard. The snails that are used for skin care are specially grown and the mucus harvested are sterilized for safe and hygienic use.

All in all, snails are not just some common creepy crawly that you can find but they are also now one of the best sources of skin care ingredient ever existed in the beauty industry.

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