Miin Toe Tip Removable Foot & Nail Care Sheet Pack, 1pc

Miin Toe Tip Removable Foot & Nail Care Sheet Pack, 1pc

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Sheet pack supporting toetip-removable foot care, nail care, and nail art. Elastic 4 complex with gret moisturizing  power helps to soften and moisturize the rough feet with callus and dead skin cell. Phytoncide complex helps to make the tired feet smooth and clean. Shea butter and argan oil with nutrition intensively provide nutrients. Therefore, this foor-care sheet pack effectively cares for toe nail and cuticles.

Skin Care Routine:
Oil cleanser > Foam/cream cleanser > Toner > Essence > Emulsion > Ampoule/Serum > Sheet Mask > Eye Cream / eyepatches > Moisturizer / sleeping pack > Sunscreen(morning only)

1. Remove water after washing the hands.
2. Wear the gloves after tearing the hand mask along the perforated line, fix the adhesive side with sticker inside.
3. Tear the fingertip along the perforated line after 5-10 minutes.
4. The fingertip part is exposed. With the hand-care, it is possible to provide nail-care and nail art.
5. Remove the hand mask after nail art and nail--care, get the remaining essence absorbed softly.