Fish Collagen Vit C (500 x 60), 1pc

Fish Collagen Vit C (500 x 60), 1pc

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The ultimate innovation, enriched with extracts from collagen peptides, hyaluronic acid, anti-oxidants and many other ingredients. To restore moisture, juicy and smooth skin, white and pink to glowing skin from the inside out, imported from Korea. One of the products that won the hearts of Korean women, guaranteed by Samsung Pharm100%. 

🔶️ Rejuvenate facial skin, reduce blemishes, freckles, dark spots.

🔶️ Wounds caused by acne heal faster.

🔶️ Inhibit melanin color which causes freckles

🔶️ Adjust skin tone to look white and bright. Skin is smooth and consistent.

🔶️ Face looks young and bounces up, facial skin, body skin, white and pink

🔶️ Skin won't get dark easily when exposed to sunlight. The distribution of melanin that causes our skin to have spots and freckles will be less. Because melanin is evenly distributed The skin will always be smooth and beautiful.

How to eat Take 1-2 tablets a day. Before going to bed can eat 1-2 months.